Monday September 20, 2021

‘Noor murder case needs policymakers, govt’s attention’

July 30, 2021

LAHORE:Pakistan Association of Clinical Psychologists (PACP) has observed that the murder of Noor Mukaddam needs serious attention by the government and policymakers to clearly differentiate and identify the role of mental health professionals: psychiatrists and clinical psychologists.

Addressing a press conference at Punjab University here on Thursday, PACP president Prof Dr Nashi Khan, general-secretary Prof Dr Saima Dawood and others said there was a need for a licensing body like in other civilised countries for psychiatrists and clinical psychologists who could limit their boundaries to exercise their profession following their respective code

of ethics.

They requested the government to ensure the inclusion of qualified/certified clinical psychologists in their mental health forums and mental health policymaking too. It was observed that the role as well as difference between a trained/certified clinical psychologist and a mere psychologist was regrettably ignored by the government inductions and selection boards.

PACP office-bearers said it was disappointing to note that despite putting up this issue at different forums, this type of quackery was being conducted at various places. They added that a few months ago PACP executive members had a meeting with the federal education minister with a detailed description about the difference between a qualified/certified clinical psychologist and just a psychologist but to no avail. They said unfortunately the Higher Education Commission (HEC) had closed its eyes to such programmes which were producing such quacks particularly offered by private sector institutes and universities for their commercial goals. They said Pakistan Association of Clinical Psychologists would like to express extreme concern and distress over the brutal murder of Ms Noor Mukaddam.