Wednesday September 22, 2021

PML-N leader meets Pervaiz, announces joining PML-Q

July 26, 2021

LAHORE: Prominent political personalities of PP-164, under the leadership of PML-N candidate for Punjab Assembly Chaudhry Zain Shaukat Dagran, called on Punjab Assembly Speaker Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi here on Sunday, and announced joining the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q).

PMLQ Punjab General Secretary Senator Kamil Ali Agha was also present in the meeting.

Parvez Elahi said, “We have always provided the people possessing the spirit of selfless service for the progress of the country and the nation, with an opportunity to come forward and join the PML”.

He said Pakistan is passing through difficult times, and all will have to play their role for stabilising it economically by ignoring personal differences. He said just one person alone could not do anything to establish the name of a country at the international level. He said all political parties would have to show performance and strengthen the hands of national security institutions. The Punjab Assembly speaker said the fourth wave of corona was under way in the country, and it was more dangerous. He said all people should get themselves vaccinated for safety against it and strictly implement the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Zain Shaukat Dagran expressed full faith in the leadership of Ch Shujat Hussain and Ch Parvez Elahi. He said: “I will fulfil the responsibility whatever the party will assign me.” He said his late father Ch Shaukat Dagran worked as chairman of the district council. He said he had quit the N-League after 30 years due to its anti-people policies.