Saturday September 25, 2021

Special campaign starts to make Islamabad TIC

July 26, 2021

Islamabad : Transgender Rights activist Professor Nayab Ali has said that a special campaign had been started to make federal capital the country’s first-ever Transgender Inclusive City (TIC).

Talking to this agency on Sunday, she said that the campaign was aimed to provide equal rights to the transgender community in the city.

She added that the resistance to such formal regulatory inclusion also provided an opportunity to combat the many ways our society was already structured to functionally deny many transgenders youth equal access to not just medical care and sports participation but live equality.

“Building on prior attempts to deny the existence of transgenders by forbidding them from using bathrooms consistent with their gender identities, legislatures in several countries focused on forbidding transgender youth from accessing prescribed medical care and from participating in sports,” she said.

Professor Nayab Ali said that the laws could not prohibiting transgender youth from accessing necessary medical care and playing on certain sports teams and were unconstitutional in that they violate equal protection, fundamental rights pertaining to bodily autonomy, and medical decisions and freedom of expression.