Monday December 06, 2021

Four streams of federal ministries introduced

July 25, 2021
Four streams of federal ministries introduced

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has introduced four streams of federal ministries and divisions and asked all grade-19 officers of the Secretariat Group to indicate their preferences in these categories for the best utilisation of human resources in the federal secretariat.

In order to utilise the human resource in the federal secretariat in a more appropriate and effective manner, an official letter was issued on July 19 addressing all officers of BS-19 in the secretariat group. The Establishment Division has categorised the ministries in the following four streams- 1) Technical, 2) Finance, Economics and Trade, 3) Social Sector Development, and 4) General Management.

The letter also contained a preference form with the following direction: “In this regard, all BS-19 officers of the Secretariat Group are requested to fill the attached preference form for relevant categories and return a signed copy to this office by Wednesday, July 28, 2021.”

The preference form also contains the details of the ministries and divisions placed under the four categories. The following are the categories and the ministries and divisions placed under them.

1) Technical: Aviation Division, Climate Change Division, Communications Division, Housing and Works Division, Information Technology and Telecommunication Division, Law and Justice Division, Maritime Affairs Division, Petroleum Division, Power Division, Railways Division, Science and Technology and Water Resources Division.

2) Finance, Economics & Trade: Commerce Division, Economic Affairs Division, Finance Division, Industries and Production Division, Planning, Development & Special Initiative Division, National Food Security & Research Division, Privatisation Division, Revenue Division.

3) Social Sector Development: Federal Education & Professional Training Division, Human Rights Division, National Health Services Regulations & Coordination Division, National Heritage & Culture Division, Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Division, Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Division, Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division.

4) General Management: Cabinet Division, Defence Division, Defence Production Division, Establishment Division, Inter-Provincial Coordination Division, Interior Division, Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit Baltistan Division, Narcotics Control Division, National Security Division, Parliamentary Affairs Division, Information and Broadcasting Division, State & Frontier Regions Division.

Sources said that in view of the choices given by the BS-19 officers of the Secretariat Group, they would be rotated in the ministries and divisions falling in the particular stream of their choice. This would help the officers to develop a specialisation in one of the four categories, which would be important for the improvement of government performance and service delivery.