Wednesday September 22, 2021

Eid was a family & fun time this year

July 24, 2021

Rawalpindi : Pindiites celebrated Eidul-Azha amid tight security and precautionary measures because of coronavirus for the second consecutive year. Enthusiasts offered Eid prayers at mosques in the morning seeking divine blessings, peace, and progress for the country as well as relief from the virus.

Those families remained grief-stricken who lost their near and dear ones to the virus as well as those who suffered economically due to the effect of the pandemic.

Eid congregations took place under the directives of the government to prevent the spread of the virus. The festivities however, saw many people avoiding hugging each other or shaking hands in view of the raging virus but most remained unafraid of the coronavirus threat. They shook hands and even embraced each other.

After offering prayers in mosques, people sacrificed animals including goats, lambs, cows, and camels. The rates of butchers varied from area to area and the size of the animals. People exchanged Eid greetings and best wishes with each other.

The emphasis was on family reunions, meeting friends, enjoying meals, and wearing new clothes. Women remained busy cooking traditional food for the family and guests. These traditional dishes included barbeque, biryani, and ‘karahis’.

Parents made an extra effort to make the Eid special for children with Eid decorations, Eid gifts, and lighting up the house. There is nothing wrong with decorating the home for Eid. It helped liven up the atmosphere. People used balloons, banners, streamers, lights, and more.

Keeping up with the religious zeal of sacrifice and under the strict adherence to COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), the festivities of Eid continued on the second and the third day of Eid. People visited the homes of their relatives and friends to exchange Eid greetings.

City residents arranged food parties with varieties of delicacies from the meat of sacrificial animals. They prepared mouth-watering dishes and distributed the meat among the poor and relatives.

Those who could not slaughter their animals on the first day of Eid due to lack of butchers or some other reasons continued the practice on the second and third day. Municipal authorities made timely arrangements in disposing of offals and maintaining cleanliness around the city.

Families and youngsters arranged special barbecue parties on rooftops, green lawns, and open-air places as well other picnic spots, for their friends and family members. People think barbecue parties are the perfect way to celebrate Eidul Azha, as the meat of different varieties, are easily available to everyone.

Some families and youngsters, on the second and third day of Eid, thronged public parks, open-air spaces, hillsides, and other recreational places for barbecue parties.

National flags and banners with the inscription of words ‘Eid Mubarak’ were hoisted at the illuminated public and private buildings and different important points in the city.