Thursday December 02, 2021

Visit AJK with record of progress in hand, Maryam asks PM

July 12, 2021
Visit AJK with record of progress in hand, Maryam asks PM

MUZAFFARABAD: PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz Sunday asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to bring his progress in hand during his visit to Kashmir.

"I have heard that Imran Khan is turning to Kashmir; I want to tell him that when he turns to Kashmir, he should bring his progress in his hand,” she said while addressing a huge public gathering in Hattian Bala in Jhelum Valley District.

“Kashmiris will ask you here when the silence you have maintained will be broken. Kashmiris will ask you how many resolutions you have passed in favor of Kashmir. Imran Khan, did you raise the issue of Kashmir in the Islamic Summit Conference?” she remarked.

Maryam said Kashmir was her home, as the blood of Kashmir ran in her veins. “There is a blood relationship with Kashmiris,” she said.

Maryam said Raja Farooq Haider had taken steps to save Kashmir.

“Imran Khan is a coward who lost the Kashmir case. If you (Imran Khan) steal votes in Kashmir elections, Kashmiris will not leave you,” Maryam warned. “The Line of Control is eight miles away from here. We

stand with Kashmiri mothers, sisters, daughters and brothers who made sacrifices,” she added.

The PMLN leader vowed that they will never forget the sacrifices of Kashmiri people.

She said Imran Khan was selected, that's why he had honour neither at home nor abroad. She said Nawaz Sharif made history by making sacrifices.

"Who does not know who brought Imran Khan? Imran Khan is engaged in flour theft, sugar theft,” she said urging the voters to use their vote correctly on July 25. “Promise me that no one will sit at home on the 25th."