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Terrorist wanted in Machh massacre killed

By Salman Ashraf
June 23, 2021

QUETTA: The CTD Balochistan has confirmed that the ISKP/Daesh terrorist Fazalur Rehman alias Shaan killed on Monday, June 22, was directly involved in the tragic Machh massacre of the Hazara tribesmen on January 21, 2021. The tragedy led to the downing of 11 Hazara coal miners by the ISKP (Daesh).

The CTD Balochistan had conducted an IBO to arrest the top level Daesh terrorist Fazalur Rehman alias Shaan on Monday, who was killed in the ensuing fire exchange. A large number of firearms and explosives were recovered from his possession besides a cell phone.

The forensic analysis of the mobile phone revealed critical information about the Machh massacre, besides “establishing the terrorists’ personal role in the gruesome massacre.”

The cell phone memory carried “various videos and photos related to Daesh and most importantly evidence regarding the merciless slaughter of the Hazara community coal miners in Machh.”

The digital forensic investigation of the cell phone, “determined that the photographs were taken and videos recorded by the same smartphone at the time when the gruesome killing of the coal miners were being carried out.”

This evidence, the CTD spokesperson said establishes that “the suspected terrorist Fazalur Rehman was directly involved in the killing of coal miners and was present at the scene of the crime.’’

Claiming a huge success for the CTD Balochistan, the spokesman said the terrorist directly involved in the tragic Machh incident has been finally brought to justice. The CTD Balochistan reiterates it’s resolve to rid Balochistan from the menace of terrorism and underlined its resolve that every terrorist will be brought to justice.