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Girl in Lower Dir claims she is now a male

By Shahid Husain
December 28, 2015

Doctor sees no sex change visible

Shahid Hussain Yousafzai

TIMERGARA: Though a girl at the District Headquarters Hospital here claimed to have transformed into a male, a doctor denied the claim on Sunday.The 17-year old, who identified himself as Sanaullah, said that previously he was girl and his name was Sania.

Brought for medical examination to the District Headquarters Hospital in Timergara in Lower Dir district, Sanaullah told The News that he had been suffering from body aches for the last three days and last night he felt and developed characteristics of a boy.

The news spread like wildfire in Timergara and hundreds of people gathered around the girl-turned- boy taking selfies with him. His family members were overjoyed and were being congratulated on being blessed with a boy in place of the girl. Some people present on the occasion garlanded the smiling boy, who was dressed like a male.

However, a medical specialist at the emergency unit of the hospital denied the claim that Sania, the girl, had become Sanaullah, the boy.Dr Wahab Syed, who examined Sania, told The News that they noticed no such change in the girl. “We thoroughly examined Sania and conducted ultrasound test but no such changes were noticed in her body,” he said. “The adult female uterus and ovary were seen in the ultrasound report of the girl and no male sexual organ was found,” he added.