Thursday December 02, 2021

AGP holds course on data analysis

May 31, 2021

LAHORE:A three-day course on data analysis in performance auditing was conducted by Directorate General Performance Audit Wing, Lahore virtually via zoom under Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP).

This course was attended by 29 officers across the country. The purpose of course was to enhance analytical skills of participants and to sharpen their professional knowledge and capabilities in performance auditing. The contents of the course were concepts and techniques about social benefit and costs, financial and economic analysis, time value of money, concept of compounding and discounting, VPN & IRR their application and importance in data analysis.

The training module covered all important areas of data analysis in performance auditing. Detailed guidance on concepts and techniques of cost-benefit analysis, its application to various sector such as construction, education, health, road transports, railway transport, water supply project and telecommunication projects was well elaborated in that short course.