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Ehsaas campsites to be increased in remote areas of Balochistan

May 06, 2021

Islamabad : Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection Dr. Sania Nishtar along with senior officials convened Ehsaas briefing with Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners of Balochistan on Wednesday.

The virtual meeting was held on special invitation of Balochistan Chief Secretary aimed at to inform the district administrations of the province about the ongoing Ehsaas programmes and initiatives and to seek collaborations for making enhancements in Ehsaas payment operations.

The chief secretary and Secretary BISP also joined the briefing.

Dr. Nishtar outlined details of multisectoral Ehsaas programmes specifically conditional and unconditional cash transfer programmes being executed in Balochistan. In particular, the ongoing ‘Ehsaas Kafaalat’ operations in the province were discussed in detail.

It was described to DCs that all Ehsaas payment campsite arrangements in Balochistan around ‘Ehsaas Kafaalat’ had been made in coordination with the provincial government.

Beneficiary centered instructional communications plan for Ehsaas was also discussed in detail.

Dr. Sania appreciated the cooperation of district administrations of Balochistan in setting up specialised Ehsaas Kafaalat campsites across the province.

To facilitate easy payments in remote regions of Balochistan, enhancements in Kafaalat payment operations were discussed bilaterally. It was agreed that the number of Ehsaas campsites, BVS enabled bank branches and point of sales agents will be increased in far-flung sub-Tehsils of Awaran, Sherani, Surab and Kech.

Also, a roadmap was discussed to increase the province-wide network of Ehsaas registration desks in collaboration with district administrations. Currently, Ehsaas registration desks for self-enrolment of deserving families have temporarily been closed owing to the third wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

Aiming to serve a maximum number of households residing in geographically scattered areas of Balochistan, it was decided that the office of CS Balochistan will share the lists of new areas to open registration centers.

In this regard, all administrative arrangements to set up registration centers will be made by the office of the CS Balochistan.

Since Ehsaas digital system of payments is based on SMS service, it was raised by DCs from bordering districts of Balochistan that mobile connectivity is very low in those areas.

Therefore, people are unable to receive SMS for cash withdrawals. It was agreed that Ehsaas will introduce a supplementary system for the bordering areas of the province to resolve the issue. The result oriented discussions were widely lauded by DCs.