Thursday July 18, 2024

Edhi Foundation offers 50 ambulances to India

By Our Reporter
April 24, 2021

ISLAMABAD: The Edhi Foundation, in a magnanimous gesture on Friday, offered a fleet of 50 ambulances and its staff to help manage the crisis brought about by the coronavirus pandemic in India.

India's health system is staggering owing to the rising number of coronavirus cases in the country, with several hospitals running out of oxygen to supply coronavirus patients, resulting in a large number of people dying from the infection.

"As a neighbouring friend, we sympathise with you greatly and during this strenuous time, we would like to extend our help in the form of a fleet of 50 ambulances along with our services to assist you in addressing, and further circumventing, the current health conditions," reads a letter written by Faisal Edhi, Chairman of the Edhi Foundation.

The letter is addressed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Geo News reported. Edhi offered to personally lead and manage the humanitarian team from his foundation, adding that “our organisation understands the gravity of the situation, and we wish to lend you our full support, without any inconvenience to you, which is why we will arrange all the necessary supplies that our team needs to assist the people of India.”

The philanthropist wrote in the letter that the Edhi Foundation team would include emergency staff, medical technicians, office staff, drivers, and supporting staff members. He said the Foundation would require no help from India as it would make arrangements for its staff's fuel, food and other amenities.