Saturday September 25, 2021

Calligraphy show

April 20, 2021

Islamabad: To celebrate the auspicious month of Ramazan, Satrang Galleryhas arranged an exhibition of calligraphy titled ‘Hurouf 21’ today (Tuesday), from 12 noon to 3 p.m. Hurouf or the Art of the Letters, is a homage to the ancient and intricate tradition of calligraphy. This exhibition includes the works of Abdul Rahim, Arif Khan, Bin Qulander, Faizan Riedinger, Ferhat Kurlu, Mussarat Arif, Qasim Bugti and Rafiq ullah.

Calligraphy or ‘Khushkhati’ is a part of most cultures and languages. It is deeply embedded in Islamic traditions, perhaps because of the emphasis on writing, reading and knowledge seeking in Islam. In addition, Islamic Arabic calligraphy was originally used to write out the Quran, religious prayers and the names of God.

The Arabic calligraphy script eventually absorbed new influences. The Ottoman, Persian and Mughal dynasties celebrated and explored the practice of calligraphy, and held it in high esteem. Eventually different styles of calligraphy became identifiable. Despite the changing methods and scripts, calligraphers continued to adhere to the strict guidelines, including the geometric proportion to the Arabic letter which is measured by Alif.