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Balochistan CTD busts BLA cell, two killed

By Salman Ashraf
April 06, 2021

QUETTA: The CTD Balochistan achieved a headway in its probe against IED explosions across the province when it conducted a successful IBO in Sibi against a proscribed Balochistan Liberation Army cell. During the operation, BLA terrorists Hazar Khan and Haleem in Ghori Bakhtiarabad in District Sibi wanted for previous IED attack during which a woman was killed while two girls were injured, were killed.

The CTD had long been pursuing the BLA cell led by Hazar Khan and on late Sunday night while acting on a top off conducted the IBO. As the team from CTD Balochistan told them to surrender, the terrorists attacked the law enforcement agency. In the ensuing shootout, terrorist Haleem was found dead alongside the group head, Hazar Khan. Four of the terrorists were rounded up, while three escaped. According to CTD spokesman, two Kalashnikovs, one another rifle and parts of IED including explosive material, prima cord and detonators. The CTD Balochistan has launched detailed investigations against the BLA network. The FIRs have been lodged in CTD Police Station, Sibi, the spokesman confirmed.