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‘Pakistan region’s first country to introduce typhoid vaccine’

By Our Correspondent
January 31, 2021

LAHORE : Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute Prof Dr Sardar Muhammad Al-freed Zafar has said that Pakistan has become the first country in the region to introduce Typhoid Vaccine in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization.

He added that 100 trained paramedics including nursing students of Nursing College, Lahore General Hospital are going to participate for the success of Typhoid Immunization Campaign which will continue from 1st to 15th February in the light of the plan prepared by Punjab Health Department.

He further said that in this campaign children will be injected door-to-door in different union councils of Nishtar Zone while three counters have also been set up in the Emergency and Outdoor Departments of Lahore General Hospital so that no child accompanying the parents is deprived of the Typhoid Vaccine. MS Lahore General Hospital Dr Abdul Razzaq, Principal Nursing College Azhara Sultana, Dr Jaffar Shah, Dr Abdul Aziz and In-charge EPI Shanila Komal and others were also present.

Talking to media, Principal PGMI Prof Al-freed said that the campaign launched by CM Punjab Usman Buzdar and Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid against typhoid in the province is a guarantee of protection of health of the new generation.

During the campaign, children aged 9 months to 15 years will be vaccinated against typhoid which will be included in the pediatric immunization course from next year, as well. Principal said that in order to rid Pakistan of diseases, it was also necessary to raise public awareness about general health so that people could take full advantage of the vaccination campaign against various diseases at the Government level.

Prof Zafar said that the Government spends crores of rupees every year on child and women protection programme but the success of all these campaigns depends on the full cooperation of parents and people.

Whether it is an anti-polio campaign or typhoid injection, it is the duty of all parents to give their children the basic right to be vaccinated, Prof Al-freed Zafar added.

Principal AMC Prof Al-freed further said that people in developed countries take their children to Government designated centers for immunizations and in some countries parents who do not fulfill this responsibility are prosecuted.

He pointed out that despite all the efforts of the Government in Pakistan, many sections do not encourage immunisation of children which is against the moral, religious and national obligations.

He appealed to the scholars, media persons, social organizations and medical personnel to play their due role in vaccinating against typhoid and protecting children from diseases like polio and make such a campaign a success.