Wednesday December 01, 2021

Indian tentacles in Balochistan

January 11, 2021

While it is known to all that India is funding terrorism in Balochistan on a large scale, few people realize how deep the tentacles of Indian terrorism are embedded in Afghanistan and how they are used to hurt Pakistan’s Balochistan. The DG ISPR has already revealed that recent acts of terror in Pakistan are a “direct consequence of India’s intensified engagements with all brands of terrorists, sub-nationalists and dissidents operating against Pakistan”. It was put on record that India was trying to create an ISIS chapter in Pakistan and had “relocated 30 Daesh militants from India to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border”.

In 2014, Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval had visited Iraq and met with Daesh head to create working relationships with Daesh and also met with the other leadership of this extremist group.

One Pakistani writer, who presided over Pakistan’s Interior Ministry some years ago, has written: “It is feared that the mischievous and anti-Pakistan syndrome of Modi will be energised further by Doval and RSS influence on Doval, coupled with Daeshism, is likely to engineer… more terrorism in Pakistan, especially support to some Indian-fed terrorists. India will make Balochistan, KP and Hazara the prime targets of terrorism as per the anti-Pakistan policy conceived by PM Modi and his NSA.

“Investigation on all recent terrible incidents of terrorism link to Indian interests and can be traced back to Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval as the key figure in promoting Daesh activities in South Asia.”

Rehman Malik revealed in his book that “RSS and Daesh nexus in collaboration with RAW is emerging and it is on record and exposed by an ambassador from Middle East posted in Indian capital Delhi.”

PM’s special representative on religious harmony Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi has also blamed India for the recent killing of 10 Hazara coal miners in Balochistan’s Machh area last week. “You [must] remember that the DG ISPR and the foreign minister held a press conference a few days ago and they clearly told us that how India is making an alliance of global terrorist organizations in Afghanistan,” Ashrafi told reporters in Islamabad. The alliance’s objective is to fan hatred and sectarian violence in Pakistan, he said. “What happened with our Hazara community is part of the same plan.”

Ashrafi added: “Who is this ISIS? What is this Daesh? Who is behind it? Does the world not know that for the past few years, India is funding the ISIS or Daesh, it is in front of the whole world.”

According to experts, coupled with Indian funding and support, Balochistan provides the geopolitical environment for ISIS to enhance its presence. The mountainous terrain and long porous border with Afghanistan are creating problems for Pakistan security forces, which have nevertheless foiled several terrorist attacks from taking place.

Experts also said that in the case of recent attack on coal miners, ISIS had deployed local foot-soldiers from affiliated terrorist groups operating in the area. They said Pakistan security forces were on the lookout for these terrorist groups operating loosely over a vast area.