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Two killed in Karo Kari, two journalists injured in alleged attack

By Our Correspondent
December 20, 2020

SUKKUR: Two people were shot dead over suspicion of Karo Kari, while two journalists injured in an alleged attack in two different incidents on Saturday in Sukkur region.

Reports said the accused Sobho Khan Jatoi has shot his 20-year old wife, Iqbal Khatoon and her 17-year old alleged paramour, Mansoor Mirjat, a student of class-X, dead on suspicion of Karo Kari in district Shikarpur in the limit of Store Gunj Police Station. The accused later surrendered at the local police station and stated that he could not control himself after seeing his wife and her alleged companion were in an objectionable condition and shot them both on spot. The police shifted the bodies to Shikarpur hospital for medico-legal formalities, where Abdul Jabbar, father of the deceased boy, told the police that his son was innocent and the accused had called his son to meet and later he killed him.

Meanwhile, two journalists of Sukkur Imdad Phulpoto and Altaf Kalwar were allegedly attacked by three accused, indentified as Abdullah Chachar, Ameer Chachar and Tufail Bhutto.