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Resignations issue: Govt-opposition war of words continues

The government isn't creating any hurdle in the way of opposition’s planned rally in Lahore, said Shibli, adding they were going to do an illegal act

December 11, 2020

Resignations issue: Govt-opposition war of words continues

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz on Thursday said the opposition would get nothing, but embarrassment over the issue of resignations.

The minister said that there was no hurdle from the government in the way of opposition’s planned rally in Lahore, insisting they were going to do an illegal act. He said the government is not in contact with the opposition. However, the talks, if held, will be held in front of public.

Speaking at a news conference, the minister said the released water at the venue could be accidental or some administrative matter, and added that it had no importance, as the venue was massive and there should be no pretext now that people could not come to the venue due to water.

Referring to the opposition’s announcement to resign en masse from the legislatures, Shibli contended that in sheer desperation, the decision of resignations was taken without consensus or strategy and this had put them in a closed street.

“They played their last card of resignations before time; they will get nothing except embarrassment, while the PPP has its own viewpoint on this. People too know them and don’t want to repeat their dark era again,” the minister maintained.

Shibli alleged that the main character of the ongoing drama was Nawaz Sharif and people need to know about their history of politics, hypocrisy, apathy and selfishness and politics of expediency. He added that everyone knew how Nawaz Sharif’s political journey began.

“We know that for the first time in his political life, he stabbed Junejo in theback and came to power by plotting and then he took over General Zia’s mission. He tried to go ahead from the IJI platform and Benazir Bhutto was awarded titles and certificates of treason.

Video clips of Nawaz Sharif were played during the news conference, who was shown bitterly criticising Benazir Bhutto and at one point, he remarked challenging the PPP leadership that “they would compete with Shaheed Ziaul Haq”. He said they were traitors of Pakistan and “Benazir Bhutto would call her traitor father a martyr, who was instrumental in Pakistan’s break-up”.

The minister contended that Bilawal Bhutto might have forgotten what kind of treatment Nawaz Sharif had meted out to his mother, when he was chief minister Punjab and used foul language in Parliament and got her involved in lawsuits. “These are the people who gave Asif Ali Zardari the title of Mr 10 percent,” Shibli reminded.

Shibli also showed an image of Asif Zardari with a cut in his tongue and then he asked who had got cut in his tongue. Turning his guns to PML-N Vice-President Maryam Nawaz, the minister contended that she was the representative of the second generation of looters and cheaters, who considered it her birthright to rule.

“These are the people you can't believe, their job is to come to power, to fool the people, to get votes and to make money through these votes,” he said. Shibli said, "His (Nawaz) goal in coming to power is to sustain his business. He has left this country far behind, emptied the coffers and hollowed out the institutions. If he loses, the election is rigged, and if wins, it is fine.”

Meanwhile, Maryam Nawaz said the PDM has decided in its meeting for the assembly members to submit their resignations with their party leaderships. Talking to media persons, she said the PML-N leadership has not yet formally demanded resignations from its parliamentarians, but the lawmakers have already piled up their resignations.

“Resignations have already piled up with us, as the MNAs and MPAs brought resignations along with them in the party meeting,” the PML-N vice-president said. Meanwhile, the PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari restrained the party leaders from talking on the matter of resignations from the assemblies till the final decision of the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC).

The decision of keep mum on the matter was taken at the consultative meeting of the PPP. Though the PPP has decided to abide by all the decisions of the PDM, yet the leaders of the party have been directed not to make any discussion on the issue of resignations in the media.

Senior Vice-Chairman of the PPP and former prime minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani while talking to media persons after appearing before the Accountability Court on Thursday also confirmed that Bilawal has asked the party leaders to wait till the final decision of the CEC. He said Bilawal has already stated that he will take the CEC into confidence with regard to the decisions of the PDM.

He said the entire party will follow the CEC decision. Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has also said that all the lawmakers of the party will resign as soon as getting green signal from the party leadership.

Responding to opposition’s statements, Railways Minister Shaikh Rashid said the opposition’s threat to resign from the assemblies wouldn’t have any impact on the Lower House of the Parliament.

“The resignation will not harm the assembly,” Shaikh Rashid said while talking to the media in Lahore. He was also unfazed by the PDM’s long march to Islamabad and told them they are welcome to the federal capital and the winters will be waiting for them.

“(Prime Minister) Imran Khan has made an offer - come to the assembly and hold a dialogue,” said the minister, adding that the opposition should clarify who they want to speak to if not Imran Khan.

“Those with whom you want to negotiate are against Nawaz Sharif's statement,” said Shaikh Rashid. He added that "whatever" the situation maybe, it will not benefit the PDM. The minister said no politician closes the door to dialogue. He said he expects good news for Imran Khan after December 13.

The minister also hoped that not all members of the opposition will resign from their seats. He said if they resign, they will not get the “benefits” they are getting in jails and will be treated like “C-class” inmates.

Meanwhile, Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan in a statement has also challenged the opposition to resign from assemblies, while Punjab Minister for Prisons and Colonies Fayazul Hassan Chohan has predicted that ‘Sheen’ League is in the offing.

In a tweet, he claimed that Maryam Nawaz and Bilawal have exchanged hot words over defeat in the Gilgit-Baltistan Elections.