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Terror by India

November 28, 2020

As expected, India ‘rejected’ the Pakistani dossier cataloging only some of India’s terror machinations. Kulbhashan Jadhav, a serving senior RAW operative, has spilled the beans about his Indian handlers and terror acts, and remains in Pakistani custody.

The denial mode is also despite the FP expose about India’s nexus in international terrorism and the assertion of Muslim genocide in India by Dr Gregory Stanton, chairman of Genocide Watch.

India remains a perpetrator of terrorism and false-flag operations. Just one example saw the Mumbai attacks blamed on Pakistan. The attack saw the convenient murders of Chief of Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) Hemant Karkare, Additional Commissioner of Police Ashok Kamte and encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar.

Kavita Karkare and Vinita Kamte, wives of the slain officers, continuously struggled to unravel the dubious circumstances of their husbands’ murder. Kavita Karkare questioned the vanished Karkare call logs along with his faulty life-vest which too disappeared mysteriously. Constantly stone-walled, she suffered a brain hemorrhage in September 2014 and passed away.

The Karkare murder leads to his investigations into September 2008’s Malegaon blast which killed six and wounded around a 100 people. It was one in a string of 17 including the Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Sharif dargah and Samjhauta Express blasts. All these terrorist acts had been vehemently blamed on ISI in a habitual Pakistan centric witch-hunt.

Karkare’s investigations found that Jatin Chatterjee aka Swami Aseemanand, Pragya Thakur, Col Shrikant Purohit, a serving officer of the Indian military intelligence branch and master-mind of Abhinav Bharat and Major Ramesh Upadhyay were among the involved terrorists. Purohit supplied 60 kilograms of RDX from military supplies for the Samjhauta Express blast that saw 68 passengers including 40 Pakistanis perish.

Aseemanand, a key figure in the Hindutva terror network, confessed his involvement in terror attacks on Ajmer Sharif, Mecca Masjid, Malegaon and the Samjhauta Express. In a statement recorded before Metropolitan Magistrate Deepak Dabas at Tis Hazari courts, Aseemanand confessed that he and others were involved in the bombings.

The 42-page confession was revealed as a cover story by Tehelka. Aseemanand, among others, named senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar, Sunil Joshi (who was murdered in mysterious circumstances), Pragya Thakur, Ramji Kalsangra and Sandeep Dange as key conspirators and actively involved in the terror acts.

The convoluted raison d’etre in his confession was: “I said since 80 percent of Malegaon is Muslim, we should explode the bomb there...since Hindus throng to Ajmer Sharif dargah, a bomb blast would deter Hindus from going there…Samjhauta Express was chosen because it was used by Pakistanis”.

During Karkare’s investigations incriminating evidence led to LK Advani, Modi (then CM Gujarat), Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan and other leading members of BJP/RSS/ Shiv Sena who held protests and organized support for the terror-accused. Saamna, a Shiv Sena mouthpiece, targeted the investigations and Karkare received death threats. It was at this juncture that the Mumbai attacks took place and Karkare and his whole team were murdered.

It is an established fact that Hindutva terror cells had been operative since 2003 but it was only Karkare, an officer of great personal and professional integrity, and his team that had the nerve to expose these terrorists. Despite damning evidence and Aseemanand’s confession, Karkare’s murder saw the findings fizzle out to oblivion. All accused were released; Pragya Thakur is now a BJP MP from Bhopal. Col Srikant Prouhit was ‘honored and immediately reinstated’.

In an interview, Julio Ribeiro, former Mumbai police commissioner termed it “an insult to Karakare’s memory”. The late Abdul Rahman Antulay, then Union Minister, blamed Hindu hard-liners for the Mumbai blasts; he was branded a Pakistani agent.

On January 5, 2009, Pakistan was handed a 69-page dossier regarding the Mumbai attacks. Totally bereft of evidence, it also belied special judge ML Tahaliyani’s remarks. Arun Jadhav (the lone survivor of the Karakare murder) was judged as ‘exaggerated and a lie’; other crucial anomalies included Karkare’s missing life-vest, call-logs and the ballistics report that the bullets which killed Karkare and his companions did not match those fired from the accused Ismail Khan or Ajmal Iman’s (Kasab) guns.

Elias Davidsson’s ‘The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence’ is a painstakingly crafted narrative dissecting the Mumbai attacks. It finds that 26/11 was a false-flag operation. Dr Graeme MacQueen, former Director Center for Peace Studies at McMaster University and organizer of the Toronto Hearings on 9/11 wrote that “the false-flag (Mumbai) attack not only filled the coffers of (Indian) security agencies, creating the impression of a permanent threat to India, but also helped tilt India toward countries claiming to take the lead in the War on Terror….”

Known Indian filmmaker Anand Patwardhan’s documentary ‘Vivek’ (Reason) was judged the Best Documentary at the 31st International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. A stark portrayal of India’s extreme radicalization, it also delves into the murder of political activists and journalists at the hands of Hindutva members.

The four-hour documentary titled ‘Vivek’ details the circumstances that ended the life of Hemant Karkare. The relevant chapters are titled Vivek #14 and Vivek #15. The documentary finds the top leadership of BJP and RSS perpetrating terrorism.

The above facts are not from a Pakistani dossier but only some of the very few found by Indians and neutral observers. India has cried wolf for years; it should fear the day its terror creations start feeding on its own.

The writer is a freelance contributor.