Friday November 26, 2021

Anti-dengue drive

August 21, 2020

Islamabad: District Health Officer (DHO) Dr Zaeem Zia has said that the local administration is focusing on the provision of clean and healthy life style for the residents of the federal capital.

“We are trying to eliminate dengue and coronavirus completely, and stringent measures are being adopted to ensure satisfactory surveillance in all areas of Islamabad, he stated this talking to locals during his visit to different localities here on Thursday.

He visited different houses and personally inspected the compliance of SoPs issued by the government to combat dengue. He also inspected the rooftops and water tanks. He told the residents to adopt proper precautionary measures against dengue. He has appealed to the people to immediately remove water from all sides to avoid dengue.

In a brief address to field staff, he said that the population of the federal capital, Islamabad is 2.3 million. First COVID-19 Lab case of the federal capital, Islamabad was confirmed on February 26, 2020. To date, Islamabad has 15,412 positive cases. He said that TTQ, District Health Office, ICT surveillance centre was established on April 7, 2020, and it is working 24/7 with 20 surveillance teams and 19 RRTs and till date the District Health Office has sampled 26,147cases/ contacts.

He said that out of total 1,5412 COVID-19 positive cases, 3,722 samples were collected by TTQ. “There are 175 deaths out of 15,412 COVID-19 positive cases wherein 13,850 patients have recovered and notified by the DHO-ICT. There is a considerable reduction in the number of COVID-19 cases but our surveillance teams are still monitoring the situation,” he claimed.

He also asked inhabitants of the federal capital, Islamabad areas about the regular surveillance and follow-ups of sanitary patrols and survey teams of allied departments to check into dengue activities. He said that officers of administration are fully engaged for the task and anti-dengue activities were being reviewed on a daily basis.