Friday November 26, 2021

Practical steps being taken to make Pakistan strong: Governor Sarwar

August 14, 2020

LAHORE:Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar whilst wishing the nation a happy Independence Day said the PTI government was taking practical steps to make Pakistan a strong and progressive country as per the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. No impediment will be tolerated in steps taken by the government to provide relief to the general public.

Talking to different delegations on Thursday in Governor’s House, Chaudhry Sarwar said that on Independence Day we should remember soldiers who risk their lives on borders for our protection. He said those who laid their lives for Pakistan are our real heroes and their sacrifices are a beacon of strength for us. We should remember and pay tribute to all those heroes who gave sacrifices for our homeland, he added.

The governor said that on Independence Day we cannot forget Kashmir which is the jugular vein of Pakistan. He demanded the international organisations not only raise voice against the human rights violations in Held Kashmir but take practical steps to put an end to this oppression by fascist Modi government. The governor said that Pakistan was facing huge economic challenges due to COVID-19 but under the leadership of PM Imran Khan, the PTI government was taking Pakistan forward on all fronts, including economy due to transparent and strategic policies. The government has successfully saved Pakistan from bankruptcy. He said that for the first time in history, the PTI government was turning Quaid’s vision into reality by ensuring merit and transparency on every level. Ch Sarwar said the government had increased the loan budget from Rs5 million to Rs25 million through Kamyab Jawan Programme.