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Paksat Int’s dues to state-run TV surge to $4.854m

By Our Correspondent
July 23, 2020

ISLAMABAD: The state-owned Pakistan Television Corporation Limited (PTVC) has been facing default like situation as its due payment to Paksat International surged to $4.854 million till June 30, 2020, creating financial difficulties for the country’s space satellite program. The Paksat Int’l has warned that the present situation cannot be sustained because the state-run TV had not yet cleared its financial obligations and the outstanding staggering amount had now touched $4.854 million. The Paksat Int’l said it will be constrained to take appropriate action against the state-run TV. The Paksat Int’l has given deadline of August 10, 2020 to clear the backlog. Despite getting substantial money from consumers and at taxpayers’ money, the financial woes of the state-run TV have been multiplying. Recently, the cabinet has deferred a proposal to increase TV fee from Rs35 to Rs100 per month collected through electricity bills. There is need to analyse financial position of the state-owned TV as despite huge subsidy why its financial matters were worsening. On the other hand, the private media is facing acute financial crunch and so far commitments were made, but their legitimate and reconciled bills against governments so far have not been fully cleared. This correspondent sent out question to the secretary Information and Broadcasting, but got no reply till filing of this report.