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Increase in licence fee to put state-run TV on path of development

July 20, 2020

ISLAMABAD: The steps being taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan for the development and stability of national institutions will have positive results in the form of national development.

With the approval of the increase in state run licence fee by the efforts of Federal Information Minister Senator Shibli Faraz, national TV Chairman Arshad Khan and Managing Director Amir Manzoor, this national institution will once again be on the path of development, said a press release issued here Sunday.

The employees of the stat run TV have expressed their satisfaction over the step.

National television Chairman Arshad Khan, MD Amir Manzoor and Chief Human Resource Officer Tahir Mushtaq enjoy good reputation due to their superior management abilities. The presence of such talented people in Pakistan Television is no less than a blessing for the employees.

The commitment and efforts of the chairman and managing director for the revival of national TV’s golden age are commendable. The state run TV has always provided clean family entertainment and authentic information to the viewers with utmost honesty. In case of any emergency facing the country, public morale has been boosted through this national channel.

Pakistan television is the most popular channel among serious minded people and overseas Pakistanis. The majority of the people of the country expressed satisfaction over this decision of the government terming it necessary and timely for the stability of a national institution.