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'PPP, PML-N politics over’

By Our Correspondent
May 11, 2020

LAHORE :PTI MNA Dr Seemi Bokhari has said that politics of the PPP and PML-N has ended. Prime Minister Imran Khan will fulfil all the promises, including getting back every single penny of looted money from the corrupt political leaders, said the PTI MNA while addressing delegations of party workers on Sunday.

She PTI is implementing a policy to make Pakistan a developed and progressive country. She said it is fortunate for the people of Pakistan that the country is being led by Imran Khan who is taking care of vulnerable and needy population of the country. It is for the first time in history of the country that a prime minister is providing relief to the common man instead of aristocracy. The PPP and PML-N leaders only know "the art of corruption" instead of "the art of serving the humanity," she alleged. They are only criticising NAB because they don't want it to question their corruption, she added. They want to legitimise corruption in the country. She categorically denied any bargaining on NAB law by the government. The corrupt leaders of PPP and PML-N should present themselves for accountability, the PTI MNA asserted.