Wednesday December 08, 2021

Starting start-ups

May 10, 2020

In Pakistan, the start-up culture is yet to take-off. In a situation where neither the public nor the private sector can provide jobs to college-educated youth, establishing your own start-up sounds does not sound like a bad idea. However, the problem is: where does the money come from? Every start-up requires a certain amount of capital from outside investors in its initial stages. Given the difficulties in acquiring this seed money, many lose hope and try to search for a job at an established firm to secure their future.

Unfortunately, the government has not done much to motivate the fresh graduates to start their own business. The incumbent government undertook an initiative to encourage unemployed youth to start their own businesses by providing them with soft loans under the “Kamyab Jawaan Program”. Let us hope that more efforts will be made by the government and policy makers to ignite creativity and innovation among our youth.

Iqrar Hussain