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PHA official questions tree planting by authority

By Ali Raza
May 07, 2020

LAHORE:The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) has lost its worth in the last few months by planting trees totally in an unprofessional manner, which may result in a huge loss to the national exchequer.

No other one but a very senior member of PHA’s Board of Directors Muhammad Nawaz Ramay gave these observations in a letter written to the PHA director general recently. He is also the member of PHA’s revenue generating and also a member of reforms committee of PHAs, Punjab,

Nawaz Ramay’s letter landed in the PHA DG’s office on April 22, 2020. Nawaz Ramay, who is also a very senior horticulturist, analysed the recent tree plantation by PHA in different City area and made para wise comments.

About the tree plantation at Orange Line Metro Train Project (from Chauburji to Ali Town), he observed that jacaranda trees of very thin stem are planted in the centre medium and their spacing is very close. This species of trees is not suitable for this place because there is too much traffic fumes, which will hinder the growth of trees and it will also not bloom their due to heavy smoke. “This is the tree of parks and pollution-free roads and it flowers only for 15 days to 20 days in Lahore,” he said, adding it bears a long bloom in Islamabad due to weather conditions.

He observed that roses were planted very thickly, hardly six inch apart, due to which they will also not survive there while heavy smoke and short sunlight will also affect their growth. On the side belt, guava trees are planted very thickly and they will never fruit there because they will hinder the growth of one another. “Most of the plants have already died; the pits were not dig out properly and even we can see pebbles and a very poor soil there,” he commented.

“Motia plantation on Orange Line Metro Train Project is also very discouraging; the same is with fig and Chinese lemon. A number of palm trees in the planters have dried out due to unprofessional handlings,” he said.

Talking about the green belts along the Lahore Canal, he said that the old plantation is playing an important role in the beautification and environment of Lahore whereas a huge number of new trees have been planted in an unskilled way.

On Canal Road, jambolan saplings were planted in a way that they can’t get sunlight which is very necessary for the proper growth of trees. Most of the places are very thickly populated and in future the branches of the trees will intermingle and will hinder growth, resulting extending unsuccessful plantation. “The whole green belt is filled up with the same false patterns,” he maintained. He also analysed the green belts in Johar Town and the green belt in front of Sheikh Zaid Hospital.

Giving conclusion of his observation, he said that it is a waste of huge funds of LDA and Orange Line Metro Train Project. He said that an impartial committee of senior horticulturists may kindly be constituted to inquire the matter and recover the big loss of the nation from the PHA’s officer(s) who are responsible for this. He also recommended immediate stoppage of the plantation work in Zone-1.

When contacted, PHA DG Muzaffar Khan, as usual, didn’t attend his cell phone. However, PHA’s spokesperson said that the DG took the observations of Nawaz Ramay very seriously and has constituted a committee to investigate the allegations. She said that the PHA DG has also invited Nawaz Ramay to carry out a joint visit to Orange Line Metro Train Project and other areas to see the situation on ground.