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Covid-19 patient’s kin commits suicide in India

By News Report
April 03, 2020

KOCHI, India: A family member of a coronavirus infected person committed suicide in Indian Kerala state.

There are cases in India wherein even the relatives and family members are ill-treating the Covid-19 suspects and patients, foreign media reported on Thursday.

Talking to media persons after the daily review meeting, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that few such instances have been reported from the state which is very upsetting.

“Due to misinformation or ignorance, few people are still boycotting or mistreating virus suspected and recovered persons. An incident came to notice in which the wife of a person who recovered from the infection didn’t allow him to enter the house. The district administration had to find an alternative accommodation for him,” said the chief minister.

Despite the effective intervention of police authorities, fake news about Covid-19 is being circulated through social media platforms which make people upset and lead to such distressing incidents, the chief minister observed.

Meanwhile, there are widespread complaints against the discrimination shown towards doctors, nurses and health workers.

People working in the healthcare sector are facing social boycott in many places and there are instances where nurses and paramedical staff have been ousted from hostels and paying guest facilities by the owners. Several nurses are now staying in the hospitals in which they work or in the facilities arranged by the government authorities.