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People can contact Sindh govt for ration: Bilawal

March 25, 2020

KARACHI: The Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, has directed the companies and employers not to terminate any of their staff during the 14-day lockdown period or those under the quarantine and asked the workers to report any violation of the policy to the the relevant Sindh government authorities.

In a video message, the PPP chairman asked the people to support the efforts of the provincial government as otherwise all the government's efforts to contain the viral epidemic would be lost. He said the Sindh government has enforced stern measures in the interest of people’s health and the protection of their lives as their is neither a vaccine nor any other treatment available for coronavirus pandemic which can only be held at bay by adopting social distancing. Appealing to the people to support Sindh government, Bilawal added they must contact the provincial government if they require rations. The PPP chairman asked the people to immediately contact the provincial health authorities for further test and diagnostic process if anyone felt any symptom of coronavirus. He also asked the federal government to help the provincial government in containing the viral outbreak as only with united and concerted efforts, the pandemic could be brought under control.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said the government was on the front foot to protect the health and lives of the people as the entire world was witnessing a severe health challenge. He asked the philanthropists to support Sindh government in taking care of the needy and the deserving at this time of acute national distress.

Bilawal said he is aware of the insecurities and distress of the large number of low wage and daily wage staff and labour and has directed their employers not to sack them during lockdown or if any of their staff is undergoing quarantine protocols and instead pay them full salaries. He pledged the provincial government assistance to companies paying salaries to their staff undergoing hardships due to lockdown or if any of them has fallen sick. The chairman said the Sindh government is taking policy measures to provide relief to the people. He also requested them to stay at homes during the 14-day lockdown period to protect themselves failing to do which the government efforts to contain coronavirus would go down the drain.