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Research papers presented on Gandhara civilisation

By Our Correspondent
March 01, 2020

LAHORE : Punjab University Department of Archaeology organised one day international seminar on Gandhara Civilisation and Buddhism Studies.

The seminar was held in continuation of Professor Dr Ahmed Hassan Dani Lecture Series to pay tribute to his services as Father of Archaeological Studies in Pakistan. In the seminar along with international scholars from Japan, Professor Dr Katsumi Tanabe and Dr Tadashi Tanabe, renowned Archaeologists and Museologits of Pakistan, namely, Dr Saifur Rahman Dar, former Director Lahore Museum, Dr Ihsan H Nadiem, former Director General Punjab Archaeology, Miss Humaira Alam, former Director Lahore Museum, presented their research papers about Buddhism, it history, archaeology and heritage.

Department of Archeology Chairman Dr Muhammad Hameed explained objectives of arranging the seminar and exploring Buddhism in Punjab. Prof Dr Muhammad Iqbal Chawla, former Dean Faculty of Arts & Humanities, delivered keynote speech and shared his expert opinion about the importance and significance of study of ancient religions of our land. Dr Katsumi Tanabe presented his research paper about depiction of Amitabha Buddha and its characteristic features.

Dr Dar highlighted study of Buddhism by exploring archaeological remains in the area of Salt Range and identified ancient capital of Buddhism in Salt Range. Ihsan H Nadiem presented his research about cultural geography of Grandharan Taxila and its significance in socio-religious context of Buddhist studies.

Miss Humaira Alam talked about unique nature of Gandhara objects in Lahore Museum by saying that no research thesis about Buddhism or Gandhara Art was completed without referring to the collection of Lahore Museum. Dr Tadashi Tanabe talked about imagery of Dionysiac and Greek mythology in Gandhara art.

Maqsood Ahmad Malik encouraged effort of department of archaeology to arrange such an important seminar. He also assured full cooperation and support from his office to develop Archaeological Studies and Research in Punjab.