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PTI activists reject party re-organisation in Bannu

February 21, 2020

BANNU: The disgruntled activists of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Thursday rejected the recent re-organisation of the party in the district, saying the real workers of the party were ignored in the process.

Addressing a press conference in Bannu Press Club, Junaid Rasheed Khan, Asifur Rehman, Iqbal Jandoon Khan, Shabniaz Khan, Malik Mawaiz Khan and others said that they were the founding members of the party in the district when the people were unaware of its mission and objectives.

“The recent re-organisation of the party at district and tehsil level is totally against the party manifesto and rules,” Iqbal Jadoon said.

They said that they had been forced to accept wrong decisions on one pretext or the other, adding that they would not accept further discrimination of the founding activists.

They maintained that the true workers had been sidelined in the recent organisation of the party, which was not acceptable to them.

“We will not quit the party but raise voice against the irregularities at district and tehsil levels,” said Asifur Rehman.

They said that they would also opt to launch protest movement against the unconstitutional decisions made recently.