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Film Lab boot-camp on visual storytelling concludes

By Shahab Ansari
February 18, 2020

LAHORE:Film Lab successfully concluded in the City on Monday. The five-day intensive boot-camp on Visual Storytelling began on the 11th February.

Thoroughly talented coaches from Pakistan were present to train the participants on visual design, story-telling, visual composition for better branding and marketing. In an age of cut-throat competition and lack of correct knowledge on visual design and composition which can lead to low sales and regressive market demand for the particular product.

The first session on day one kicked off with Harris Rasheed making participants unlearn what they had learnt; be free and express themselves openly on paper and decipher what their thoughts are.

Shezil Malik, a well-celebrated visual storytelling artist engaged participants in a session where they learnt how to create a brand persona, creating storyboards and brand story et cetera. Kohi Marri's (photographer, filmmaker) session was on Visual Grammar and Photo Composition. Natasha Zubair taught important photography techniques that can go a long way to help in creating a perfect image, without investing in very expensive equipment- the session taught hacks to improve photo composition with an exercise where the participants worked on their photography and editing skills.

Irfan Junejo (YouTuber) flew in from Karachi, and led a session of how vlogging can be of great help, to aid in expansion of brand's presence and outreach. Irfan quoted his own journey and how people can now relate to his story and connect at a certain level. This truly inspired the audience present to think of brands in a similar way, where the key be: connectivity and relatedness.

Visual Storytelling on social media was covered by Imran Ghazali, where he spoke about social media engagement on Facebook through visual storytelling, Digital Media Landscape and Audio Profiling, Facebook Carousel, Instagram, Twitter, Alternative and changing trends: such as the use of Tik Tok; measuring impact on social media. Nur Nasreen (ex-news producer- Patriot Act on Netflix) was live from New York, to equip participants with her knowledge and expertise on Research in Visual Design. Faraz Maqsood Hamid (Chief Creative Officer D'Hamidi Partnerships) helped the participants clear an understanding of branding and marketing in the most unorthodox fashion ever!.

The final day's session was pretty hands on, where under the supervision of Nasir Khan (Director), the participants learned how to prepare a set for a shoot and adjust lighting, play with shadows et cetera to create a certain mood; all participants came up with videos that they prepared then, and their work underwent positive critique by Harris Rasheed (Director) Maryam Arshad (the Founder and Director at Impact Dynamics), Kiran Fatima (a filmmaker and consultant at Impact Dynamics), and Maidah Arshad (Communications and Insights lead) were actively involved in conducting this boot-camp. The event was a roaring success, and the next one will be hitting the metropolitan Karachi very soon. Impact Dynamics, an enterprise conducted this boot-camp. The former work along two verticals: creates and curates custom-designed entrepreneurial curriculum and conducts workshops that centre around soft skills and tech skills. With support from Colabs a co-working space in Lahore: Careem, Jazz, Kitchen Cuisine, CCL Pharma, NIC Karachi, Rehman Medical Institute Peshawar, Bera, Bank of Khyber, Mumkin He, Karam Ceramics, Change Mechanics, Pak Wheels. The Little Art and Miles of Smiles were among the participants at the boot-camp. The outreach and media partners for this boot-camp included City FM 89, Jang Media Group, Bramerz, Mosawi, APWM, Momentum Tech Conference and Red Tale.