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Unannounced loadshedding plagues Fazal Town Phase-I

By Ibn Ahmed
January 03, 2020

Despite tall claims to provide uninterrupted electricity, the power authorities continue unannounced load shedding. Residents of Fazal Town Phase-I are witnessing terrible time these days due to the unannounced and unscheduled load shedding. When the power returns they are provided low voltage that damages electronic appliances.

“Guys earning their livelihood through computer work are suffering the most. In the midst of the assignments, Iesco fails to supply the uninterrupted electric supply. Every second day we face unscheduled and extensive power outages lasting over 7 to 8 hours. At times, the duration of load shedding increases which adds to the problem,” says Zain Abbas Shah.

“I work on the computer almost 18 hours a day and my livelihood is linked to my computer work. The moment I am about to e-mail the prepared assignment to my employer, the electricity supply is suddenly cut off. It’s really a sad state of affairs for me,” says Wasi Haider Aftab.

“We have been facing immense difficulties due to load shedding as it disrupts water supply also as we can’t run electric water motor anymore and are unable to fetch stored water from our reservoirs. We crave for every precious drop of water and our routine life is extremely disturbed because of load shedding, says Saddam Hussain, the disgruntled resident of the area.

“On account of load shedding, the non-availability of water has increased our problems, as we have been suffering from load shedding extending over seven to eight consecutive hours. It often happens, the time I am preparing myself for going to my office and my wife is preparing the children for schools, the light goes off so we remain without water and power,” says Ali Akbar Naqvi.

“At times, even when I get back home from my office I find my family without power and water. The authorities have failed to deliver on their promise of zero load shedding. In spite of being assured of no load shedding, the area residents are bearing the brunt of power outages,” adds Ali Akbar.

“The concerned authority must take notice of our problems and take immediate measures for their resolution. They should change their load-shedding schedule as currently, it is impacting our water supply,” says Talib-ul-Moula.

Iesco officials are not listening to our complaints and the helpline numbers provided on the electricity bills are at times unreachable. We have time and again even approached the area MNA, MPA and Councillor and informed them of our problems but no action has been taken to resolve our issues,” says Ashiq Ali.

However, IESCO officials have been claiming that a forced loads-shedding is being carried out at the feeders facing line-losses.