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946 detained over telecom fraud in China

By Xinhua
September 10, 2019

ZHENGZHOU: Police in central China’s Henan Province said Monday they had cracked down on 1,032 criminal cases of telecom fraud and arrested 946 suspects since a campaign was launched on July 25.

A total of 104 criminal gangs were busted, with more than 20 million yuan (about 2.81 million US dollars) seized and frozen, according to the provincial department of public security.The police said the result came from close cooperation between cities and provinces, and more than 2,500 phone cards, nearly 2,700 bank cards as well as 40 vehicles and 578 computers were also confiscated.

Public security authorities across China have launched a campaign to crack down on telecom fraud until October 31, the Ministry of Public Security announced in June. A total of 44,000 telecom fraud cases were uncovered in the country from January to May this year, it said.