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45 Afghan Taliban killed in airstrike

By Xinhua
August 30, 2019

FAIZABAD, Afghanistan: At least 45 militants were killed as fighting planes struck the Taliban-controlled districts in northern Badakhshan province over the past two days, governor's spokesman Neik Mohammad Nazari said Thursday.

"Government forces launched airstrikes against the Taliban positions in Wardoj, Yamgan and Karan wa Munjan districts two days ago and so far 45 rebels have been killed and 15 others injured," Nazari told Xinhua.

Aimed at recapturing the Taliban-held areas before the arrival of winter, the operation dubbed "Pamir 207" will last until the militants are wiped out in the said areas, the official said. He also noted that only two security personnel were wounded in the operation. Taliban who are in control of Wardoj and Yamgan districts over the past two years and overrun Karan wa Munjan district recently did not comment on the report.