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International economic terrorism using Daeshism

By Senator Rehman Malik
May 26, 2019

The world is distressed because of terrorism as it has caused loss of lives and destruction to infra- structure and continued feeling of terror across the world. The world has different threat perceptions and dimensions which are increasing day by day. We have been watching over only one dimension of terrorism which is physical harm created through dreadful ways by the terrorists by using suicide attackers and other destructive explosives etc.

I have named terror of Daesh as ‘Daeshism’- a concept which is emerging to destroy the economies of the country and this has taken over the world terrorism. My perception about Daesh is a bit different from others as it is based on detailed study. We all presume Daesh to be a simple terrorist organisation but to me it something far beyond our imagination. It has the ability not only to give physical harm but also to destroy the economies of the world by jamming the national growth rates of the targeting nations.

I advocate that ‘Daeshism’ is being used by the masters for their own goals and objectives and this concept came to be implemented through Arab Spring. It would be a brief reminder to refer to the pre and post Arab spring when Daeshism was launched with Iraqi invasion and the black prince played his role through his USA backed “black water outfit” being the undeclared partner of terror and clandestine backing of pro-American Taliban.

‘Daeshism’ became active under the name of Muslim brotherhood as well and it worked to bring President Hosni Mubarak to his knees and finally put him into a cage as in his presence further job in the Middle East would have been left unfinished hence he was to be neutralised by bringing Muslimhood to operate in Libya.

The support of Jordan was already there as Prince Talal was not allowed to become the king and King Hussain of Jordon close to the Americans ensured an American friendly government. The entire Middle East leadership tried to save Hosni Mubarak but he was not excused and finally what happened is now part of the history.

The king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia had expressed his fears in one of the meeting to me that USA is not sparing Hosni Mubarak despite his request.

Similarly another prominent top leader of Middle East while chatting on dinner asked me if Hosni Mubarak will survive or not to which I had said ‘No’ in reply. His reaction to my response made his face red and stated that USA had promised not to depose him. A president of another country was also present and I said mark my words that Hosni Mubarak will not survive.

I had also stated that it is being done for new economic and political order and this covert state aggression is to destroy the economic growth and to create further rift within Middle East and also to widen a constant wedge between Middle East and Iran.

In fact, it was preamble set to destroy the economic specifically of oil rich countries through Daeshism. We have seen the effects of Daeshism in Iraq the way Daesh and al-Qaeda worked jointly against Iraq on one hand and on other hand against Saudi Arabia and the way Iraq was destroyed by Daeshism under Abu Bakar Bugdadi using American arms and ammunition operating on ground and the aerial attacks by USA and Turkish aircrafts.

It is simply an understandable situation as it carries no theory of Einstein but a simple theory of war on soils enabling schemers to get the remote control on the local economies.

The Daeshism played its role and today we witness a strong wedge within the Middle East allowing Daeshism to further damage the growing economies through destabilisation, destruction of infra-structure, terror for the investors and destruction of their communication networks, oil fields and its transportation.

The end game of Daeshism is to destroy the infra-structure and scare the investors and the tourists. Basically Daeshism is another dimension of terrorism and the object is to play for their masters.

Interestingly this destruction initially cripples the economies and then they are forced to get energised by IMF and World Bank resultantly the victim nation falls in the trap of IMF loan and to get rid of these IMF’s loans is a nightmare. This nightmare can be well judged by the situation of helplessness and suffocated economy of Pakistan. What a bad luck to the third world and Muslim states witnessing transition of terrorism from Jihadists to Taliban and from Taliban to al-Qaeda and now to Daeshism. The name varies but the targets and directions are the same carrying the same motive which is to destroy the economies via Economic terrorism using Daeshism.

The writer is Chairman of think tank "global eye" & former Interior Minister of Pakistan.

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