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Tirah IDPs demand facilities, compensation for losses

By Our Correspondent
April 09, 2019

BARA: The internally displaced persons (IDPs) belonging to Sipah tribe on Monday urged the government to provide all facilities and announce a special financial package before sending them back to native areas in the Tirah valley of the Khyber district.

Speaking at a press conference here, Qazi Waris Afridi, Fazal Muhammad, Misri Khan and others said that many families of the Sipah tribe left homes in Tirah valley and shifted to other places due to militancy and military operations in 2014.

They said that their houses, business markets, schools, hospitals and other infrastructures were destroyed by militants and the subsequent military operations.

“We have suffered a lot and are now living a miserable life because of displacement,” Qazi Waris said, adding that it was pathetic that the government was now sending them back without giving any compensation for the losses.

He said the tribespeople were loyal to the country and they had always rendered sacrifices for the motherland.

The elder criticised the government for not providing the same facilities and financial package to the IDPs of Sipah tribe given to other uprooted families.

“The government should provide all facilities, including transport, food, tents, medicines and cash to the displaced people,” demanded the elder.

The elders urged chief minister, governor and corps commander Peshawar to rebuild the destroyed schools and health centres forthwith to facilitate the locals and announce a special financial package for the IDPs of Sipah tribe before sending them to native areas in Tirah.