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IPC ministry, Senate standing committee flay PHF’s poor performance

By Abdul Mohi Shah
February 16, 2019

ISLAMABAD: Senate Standing Committee on Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) members and Ministry officials joined hands to lambast Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) poor performance that resulted in a record fall in game standard both domestically and internationally.

Contrary to the federation officials claims, Senate Committee Chairman Sardar Yaqoob Nasir and secretary IPC Akbar Durrani were furious on the falling standard of the game and on federation’s inability to stem the rot. “The standard of the game of hockey has seen a record fall in recent years. In fact in has already fallen to a point of no return. Barring cricket all other games are falling behind but the game of hockey has seen a record fall,” Senator Sardar Yaqoob Nasir said. Senate Committee Chairman expressed his displeasure over the handling of funds by the PHF. “The federation has been given record funds during the last three years, yet results are not coming.” He questioned as far how long the stalemate would continue. “For how long the game of hockey would be allowed to sink further.”

IPC secretary on the occasion revealed that the government had doled out over Rs 550 million to the federation during last over three years. Sindh government had also given another Rs 100 million to the federation. Yet the PHF continues blaming lack of funds as reason of down fall.” All this amount is apart from the Hockey Club of Pakistan rental amount and the sponsorship amount federation has received during these years.

“The PHF officials look always willing to receive extra money but when we ask them as where the amount has been spent, the officials get worried and say that such questions equal to government interference in federation matters.”

Akbar Durrani said it would be difficult for the government to help the federation further under the given circumstances. “There is no point in extending any further help to a team or federation that finished 12th in the World Cup.”

The Senate committee also backed and supported the completion of Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) projects including Narowal Sports Complex that had already consumed Rs 2250 million. Secretary IPC confirmed that there were solid proofs of corruption in construction of the Complex. “A few former Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) officials are already under investigation.”

The committee members as well as IPC Secretary opined that the project must be completed. “The project has already consumed huge finances. Required amount should be sanction for its completion,” he said.