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Peshawar Police launch ‘Hotel Eye’ software

By Bureau report
January 15, 2019

PESHAWAR: The city police have launched “Hotel Eye” Software on its Mobile App System to keep vigil and scrutinise the data of visitors who stay at hotels. An official statement said a total of 232 hotels have been registered in the software so far. The records of those visiting hotels are entered in this system on a daily basis.

Under this system, the bio-data of 67,646 persons have been registered and after thorough scrutiny of the records, 61 were declared suspects who were formally taken into police custody for further interrogation. A few months ago, Peshawar Police launched “Peshawar Mobile App” for public facilitation to ensure prompt access to the police in an emergency situation. The basic idea behind this system was to provide help in public service delivery to the general public by using this technology.

The “Hotel Eye” software is achieving a tremendous response as on the one hand economic and business activities have further been boosted and on the other terrorists and outlaws will not be able to use these hotels as a launching pad for their nefarious designs.Moreover, the police have also received a total of 4,993 reports on Mobile App in which 4,939 have been resolved via prompt police action.