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PMIC looks to sort out issues at PSB

By Abdul Mohi Shah
January 08, 2019

ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister Inspection Commission (PMIC) will conduct a detailed inspection of the Pakistan Sports Board on Wednesday (tomorrow) with special focus on the PSB’s inability to play its role in sports promotion.

Syed Abu Ahmad Akif, a senior member of the commission, told ‘The News’ that the basic purpose of the inspection is to help sort out issues. “Since I have worked in different capacities in sports in recent times, I know problems exist in the whole system. We want to listen from the concerned as to what has gone wrong that has resulted in the PSB’s failure to help promote sports in the country.”

Besides Akif, the three other members of the PMIC are Dr Siraj Mustafa, Waqar Ahmad and Dr Mumtaz Ahmad Kamal.The PMIC in a letter addressed to the PSB has desired to get a briefing on the current functions, activities and progress of the PSB in recent times.

Other matters include major impediments that restrain PSB from promoting sports in the country; proposal to strengthen sports structure in the country in the light of 18th amendment; brief on status and issues of Narowal Sports Complex; status of daily wages in PSB; status of investigation conducted into PSB affairs.

“Admitted that sports have never been a priority in the past, what we want is to help out in sports promotion by highlighting genuine issues through the PMIC,” Akif said. “There are so many problems and limitations being faced by the sports federations. I have been associated with the Pakistan Tennis Federation and know what its limitations are. The government gives the PTF an annual grant of around Rs3.2 million while its total expenditure to manage its office runs over Rs6 million annually. So problems exit. We need to go into the root causes and find a doable solution.”

He said after getting the feedback from all stakeholders, the report would be submitted with the prime minister. “All stakeholders including media will also be taken into confidence before finalising the report,” he said.