Tuesday July 16, 2024

Our youth, our future

October 30, 2018

A large number of teenagers are addicted to drugs and are involved in petty crimes. This is particularly distressing because young people are an asset to the nation and such activities will only have a harmful effect on them and the country’s future. The government should, therefore, devise suitable methods to engage the youth in healthier activities that could improve their prospects. Schools and colleges are the best platforms to inculcate positive values among young people.

Sports facilities should be revamped at schools and universities to encourage students to pursue extra-curricular activities. In addition, constructive capacity-building exercises should be planned to strengthen their mental and physical abilities. Overall, efforts must be made to foster intelligence and a positive approach toward work. Our future leaders need to be provided the necessary stimulus so they can bring a much-needed change in our society.

Abdul Samad Samo