Monday September 20, 2021

‘The Donkey King’: Legal action against those who spread fake videos of film

October 07, 2018

KARACHI: Mr Jeem and Mangu complained about some vested interests who are trying to spread fake videos attributed to Geo and Talisman Studios upcoming animated film ‘The Donkey King’. Both warn that responsible persons must be taken in to legal action. It is noted that some fake videos and memes are being attributed to the upcoming film ‘The Donkey King’.

By way of this notice, we wish to reinforce that such materials are misrepresenting the actual content of the film which is designed with the purpose to provide wholesome entertainment to children and children at heart. It is requested to please reserve your judgement until the film is seen and kindly refrain from agenda-based political point scoring.

We reserve the right to take legal action and pursue FIR against those responsible for reusing the video footage of our intellectual proprietary content without prior consent.