Wednesday July 06, 2022

The philosophy of Imran Khan

April 29, 2018

The politics of Imran Khan is a unique phenomenon in the political history of our country. Populist by nature he has been able to attract the attention of the masses towards what he believes are the real issues afflicting our society. More than twenty years ago while setting up PTI he announced that the main impediment in the way of national progress has been the evil of corruption espoused by well established politicians and their parties. He told the nation that there are devils amongst us in shape of thieves, looters, murderers and dacoits. Once these devils are destroyed our miseries will be destroyed.

But the nation was quick to determine the difference between these devils and Imran Khan. The cunning machinations of well established politicians were clearly understood by Imran and he knew from the beginning that it will take a long time to defeat them. They have permeated the system deep down in two decades of misrule. He attracted massive crowds from the beginning and tried to manoeuvre the narrow path of success offered by a decaying and unjust political system. A defensive network was created by those in power only for themselves using the state machinery as Imran continued his incessant attacks on the powerful but corrupt elite. He was convinced from the beginning that rule of law had been replaced by the law of rulers. They were protected by a set of hypocritical and ill intentioned statutes called ordinances. The process of nation building was ignored or forgotten completely. Imran was determined to change it.

Imran brought into political discourse a sense of morality and ethics which had been ignored by the selfish guards of a sham democracy. His constant diatribe against the evils of society gradually began to permeate the mind of the masses. The resultant awakening started shaking the roots of a decaying system dominated by hypocrisy and deceit. But it also strengthened the defensive posturing of the ruling elite who had spent decades to provide a cover for their misdeeds. The clash acquired the face of a lonely warrior fighting the many giants of an evil empire.

Imran has believed from the beginning that moral and spiritual strengths are far superior to mere physical strength. This belief has catapulted him to the highest level of Pakistani politics as he stands tall amongst the politicians of the country boldly speaking the truth the nation always wanted to know.

Imran Khan has the strongest feelings for the country's impoverished masses who have been denied the fruits of nation’s wealth since independence. He is determined to attack poverty, illiteracy and disease and wipe them out from our society. He believes that Pakistan is not a poor country but a poorly managed country. He believes that national wealth must be spent on the welfare of the poor and the oppressed. Imran is fully aware of the tremendous potential this country offers for economic growth and prosperity and is determined to utilise all resources, human and otherwise towards this end. Against all odds Imran took a great personal initiative of setting up Shaukat Khanum Hospital provide free treatment to the poor suffering from cancer. SKMT is now recognised as the best managed institution of the country. And then again he set up another institution Namal College in a very backward area to provide free quality education to the poor.

Perhaps no leader in the country values hard work as much as Imran Khan. He lectures party members non-stop on the importance of struggle and hard work which he believes are essential ingredients for self-belief and success. His motivational power is magnetic and the millions who have attended his rallies have gone back mesmerised. He believes that institutional reforms in the country are essential to create a modern Pakistan which reflects the will of the people. These institutions must be for the benefit of the people rather than the ruling class.

Imran has felt deeply hurt by the policies of successive rulers who have made Pakistan totally subservient to foreign powers while exercising foreign policy options. He believes that the governments of Musharraf, PPP and PML-N have succumbed to American interests humiliating the nation many times. He believes that Pakistan the only Muslim nuclear power needs to stand tall amongst the comity of nations by adopting a totally independent and bold foreign policy. He believes that occupation as espoused by the west is the mother of modern terrorism. Israeli occupation of Palestine, Indian occupation of Kashmir and the West’s refusal to allow independent Muslim territories to emerge as sovereign nations in Europe needs to be stood up to. He believes that Pakistan can play a much more important role in world affairs.

Imran study of religion and history has made him into a deeply religious and spiritual person. He quotes frequently from Quran in his speeches and conversations and gives examples from Muslim history of the great achievements of Islam. He believes that Islam provides a true understanding of the world and offers guidance on how to cope with it. He rejects the narrow and bigoted approach to Islam as practiced by the politico religious lobby in Pakistan.

Today Imran stands at the pinnacle of his popularity admired by millions of Pakistanis more than any other leader. The people are looking up to him to change their lives. His EK PAKISTAN concept aims to end the divide between the rich and poor and ensure an equitable distribution of nation’s wealth. He is determined and strong willed. Perhaps his time has come and the nation’s prayers will be answered soon.