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Directors Guild for ban on Indian content in Pakistan

March 05, 2018

LAHORE: The Directors’ Guild of Pakistan (DGP) has taken a strong exception to the politically motivated, inflammatory remarks and derogatory actions of FWICE and IMPPA, India, against Pakistani artists, musicians, actors and technicians.

According to press release, the core committee of Directors’ Guild of Pakistan (DGP), a representative professional body of member Pakistani film and TV directors, unanimously declares the actions and wording of statements and resolutions by ‘Federation of Western India Cine Employees’ (FWICE) and ‘Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association’ (IMPPA), highly condemnable and considers it as a setback to the peace process in the subcontinent.

Furthermore, the Directors’ Guild of Pakistan rejects this untimely provocation by a section of Indian counterparts in an attempt to derail the peace initiatives led historically by the artists of both countries and considers it an unwarranted step to whip hostile sentiments between the two neighbouring countries. DGP is aware of the fact that these actions are also being contested and rejected by a vast majority of Indian creative arts fraternity.

DGP believes that artists and the members of the creative fraternity are a voice of rationality and love who not only serve to stabilise the influence to rein in extreme behaviours but also help diffuse the artificially created media hype of war and jingoism.

DGP Core Committee wishes to state categorically that the choices and willingness of a handful of Pakistanis to work in India cannot and does not in any way construe, reflect or represent the overwhelming majority of Pakistani artists who are both loved and who continue to only work in Pakistan, putting their faith and work in the local industry.

The DGP is recommends following measures, till such time the environment of amity and peaceful coexistence returns: — A. Ban on all Indian film and drama content within Pakistan in cinema halls as well as on C&S channels.

B. Ban on all TV commercials that include artists of Indian nationality irrespective of the place where commercials are made.

C. Ban on all Pakistani artists to work in any Indian film, drama, commercials or any other such activity.

D. Visa policy to artists of Indian origin by Pakistan may be identical to the one followed by India.

E. All activities and cultural exchange of any kind or at any level must be reciprocal.