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Apologising without wrongdoing to set negative precedent: Noorani

By our correspondents
January 25, 2018

ISLAMABAD: Ahmad Noorani, senior reporter of The News, while addressing the media after the hearing of contempt of court case in the Supreme Court on Wednesday, said that he is a professional journalist and the journalist community expects of him to defend the freedom of speech, writing and the freedom of expression to which the Constitution also gives guarantee.

He said that the act of submitting an apology on his behalf without committing any unfair deed would set a negative precedent and would also weaken the institution of the media. He said that this action would also be dangerous for the freedom of press and the freedom of expression.

Noorani questioned journalists, who were present there, that why was he asked 11 times to furnish apology? He said that at last Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa of the Supreme Court said that he (Noorani) should apologise otherwise another notice would be issued on his July 6 report.

Noorani raised the question if it was justice. He said that he had done all this for confirming the information, when the Registrar did not reply to him despite his repeated attempts in this regard.