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‘Luther’ screened at German Embassy

By Mobarik A Virk
October 21, 2017

Islamabad :It was after the massacre of some 100,000 people that the German children were able to listen and learn Bible in their own language!

They came running through the fields and prairies, sat and squatted on the ground around the tall man, reading ‘Holly Bible’ in their own language which they were able to learn, understand and follow with ease.

And it was accomplished by the rebellious Protestant leader, Martin Luther, back in the 16th century! The film, ‘Luther’ was screened by the German embassy at its auditorium Thursday evening. The audience was not as large as had been on some of the previous occasions but those who were present sat in rapt silence, deeply engrossed in the events unfolding on the screen.

The credit certainly goes to the powerful acting of Joseph Fiennes as ‘Luther’ as well as the strong command of the script writer and the Director of the film, as they cast a spell that kept the audience glued to their seats. Save a few though!

Martin Luther challenged the authority of Roman Church and raised his voice against the practices which forced the people to blindly follow what was told to them by a few without questioning.

He stood the trial he was forced to stand with courage and refused to recant what he had written, which infuriated the Church of Rome. The film also showed the strength of the German society and the Emperor, who refused to hand him over to Rome for the trial as he said that a German subject has the right to a fair trial and that would be possible only on the German soil.

It was a powerful scene when Martin Luther presented the translation of Bible in German language and how reverently and excitedly it was received. Before the start of the movie, Mr Burghard Brinksmeier, the Head of the Press and Cultural Section of the German Embassy, gave a brief introduction of the film, ending up with the promise of a drink or may be two at the end of the film. Probably to keep those who were thirsty enough to stay through the end!