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Abu Dhabi wins ‘World’s Best City’ award

By Sibte Arif
September 12, 2017

ABU DHABI: The capital of the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi City has won international award as the 'World’s Best City in Developing the Infrastructures Related to Traffic Management' for 2016.

Abu Dhabi City ranked first in  the TomTom annual global traffic index, which classifies road quality and measures congestion levels in each city. The study conducted by TomTom, a Dutch company specialises in  production of navigation systems, traffic maps and GPS systems in  390 cities across 48 countries around the world. UAE authorities proudly say, “The win is  a result of the Emirate's sophisticated road network and solid infrastructure.”

Chairman of the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport Awaidah Murshed Al Marar said, "Winning this highly coveted international award  commands great international attention of the bodies concerned with infrastructure and traffic development around the world. It is  also an indicator of the great progress made by Abu Dhabi in advancing infrastructure including roads and transport networks and usage of smart transportation technology systems."

According to Al Marar the volume of investments in improving transport systems, traffic management, traffic signals control and other traffic flow improvement projects in the Emirates are valued at AED581 million. The Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport of Abu Dhabi is currently carrying out projects worth AED 909 million in traffic and transportation management.

This success is attributed to the high quality of roads and infrastructure and transport network as well as the modern technologies used in monitoring, controlling and managing traffic in Abu Dhabi, UAE Authorities stated.