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20,000 tourists visit Murree daily

August 29, 2017

Islamabad: More than twenty thousand domestic tourists are visiting hilly areas especially Murree, Galiyat and other northern parts of the country on daily basis to enjoy the pleasant weather these days.

An official Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation told APP, that as summer season near to end, a number of families thronged to different hilly tourists’ resorts and the flow of tourists from various parts of the country had increased day by day. He said PTDC had started work on analyzing the tourists ratio at various famous resort from the start of current summer season.

He said that at the end of the season, a detailed report would also be issued to compare the tourists flow with that of previous years. He viewed that PTDC information Center work round the clock to facilitate the tourists and provide required information about various famous resorts. The resorts include Bhurban, New Murree, Kashmir Point, Pindi Point, Mall Road and Ayubia were packed with tourists.