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British-American mountaineer to summit K-2

June 17, 2017


Although K-2 say no to world renowned British-American mountaineer Vanessa O'Brien two times in 2015 and 2016 now she has started her journey again to summit K-2 this year and she is very much hopeful that if mother nature will allow her the third attempt would be successful.

This year Vanessa is ready to summit the world’s most difficult peak, the second highest after Mount Everest, K-2 with her 20 other members including 3 Chinese, 2 Americans, 2 Icelanders, 1 Norwegian and 1 Singaporean.

Vanessa is the Guinness World Record holder for scaling the highest peak in each continent in a record amount of time (295) for a woman,

While talking to ‘The News’ Vanessa O Brien said that in her last two attempts to summit K-2 the weather was not favourable and surprisingly an avalanche swooped upon them and buried all of their equipments but all team members remained safe.

Vanessa said that if the weather allows them it will take around 60 days to summit K-2. She said that mountains aren’t supposed to have that pyramid shape that K2 has, it’s really that steep and difficult to climb.

She said that the major causes of death on the trail were falling (33 %), avalanches (18 %) and disappearance (16 %). Avalanches in the area also resulted in the end of the 2016 climbing season, ending her second attempt at the mountain. “My motivation to climb the mountain to pay tribute to those women who have lost their lives in the event,” she added.

She recalled the words of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah that women were a great power greater than any other power on earth.

Vanessa said that she had received great hospitality from the people of Pakistan. She said that Pakistan had spectacular natural beauty and the security situation is much improved here that is why the number of tourists in Gilgit Baltistan is increasing every year. 

Vanessa said that she was also very delighted to carry the UN women's flag in her bid to summit the K-2. "The flags of the UK, US and Pakistan are all equally important to show friendship, peace and solidarity," she said.

She said that she would suggest travellers from all over the world to must visit Pakistan otherwise they will miss the natural beauty the mountains. “K-2 is only one which is in Pakistan and you can’t find it in any other part of the world,” she added.

Vanessa said she has found every Pakistani supportive and helpful and and her perception after visiting Pakistan has totally changed. “Now I can say Pakistan is safe for foreigners,” she added.