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CDA does it finally!

By Mobarik A Virk
April 07, 2017


What I saw going on in Aabpara market Wednesday morning was absolutely unbelievable! Heavy machinery and large contingents of men from the Capital Development Authority or were they from the Municipal Corporation Islamabad (MCI), were busy demolishing the encroachments. Indiscriminately it appeared.

Even more surprising was that there appeared to be no or very little resistance to this anti-encroachments operation. In the earlier such operations, launched a number of times over the years, the CDA was always thwarted by the traders and 'encroachers'. Many a times the CDA officials were badly beaten up too before they retreated. Or ran away!

Such incidents always led to filing of cases against each other in the Aabpara Police station. And those FIR’s were always withdrawn with mutual agreement following series of meetings between the CDA officials and the traders’ associations.

I must concede that I felt happy to see this operation going on so ruthlessly. But at the same time I felt a pang of guilt because at least a thousand poor people and their families must have been very badly hurt economically! I have all the sympathies for them.

But at the same time hundreds of thousands of citizens, men, women and children would be feeling a great relief at the same time because of removal of these encroachments.

I started pointing out this menace, which caused extreme inconvenience to the citizens, especially the women and children, because these 'encroachers' had completely blocked the verandahs all over the market. Pakistan economically strong. He said that Chinese investors are benefitting from conducive environment for investment in Pakistan especially Punjab.

He said that investment has increased due to CPEC and other countries are also now showing interest to join CPEC.

There exists considerable measure of meander for investment in Punjab Housing Sector and Chinese Group cooperation in constructing low-income houses is highly welcomed, he added.

Shahbaz Sharif said this project needs to be operated professionally as it will generate various employment opportunities also he asked Chinese group to review project of construction of low-cost houses in Lahore, Faisalabad and Sialkot.

Health Day: Shahbaz Sharif has said that observing World Health Day is intended to highlight the significance of health among masses as healthy life, without any doubt, is the most noteworthy gift of Almighty Allah as healthy people are basic entity of a healthy society.

He stated this in a message on World Health Day. He said the Punjab government is providing resources of billions of rupees for improving public health facilities and most prominent spending plan in the history has now been assigned to enhance medicinal services offices.

He said that health sector reforms have been introduced as well as new targets set to improve health facilities for which departments concerned have to work passionately. He said that awareness campaign has been propelled to show importance of health to the people and it is the priority of the Punjab government to provide better and standard health facilities to the masses. He himself is monitoring the procedure to accomplish such important targets, he added.