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PIL supports Sikh’s demand

By Mobarik A Virk
March 22, 2017


The Chairman Pakistan Interfaith League (PIL), Sajid Ishaq, came out in support of the Sikh community of Pakistan and urged the government to immediately accept their demand for inclusion of separate column for them in the National Census.

“It is really surprising in the first place as to how those who prepared the form for census neglected or overlooked such an important community of Pakistan!” Sajid Ishaq said.

“The Sikh community of Pakistan is known and acknowledged all over the world as they are the custodians of the most sacred places of Sikhism. They play hosts to thousands and thousands of Sikhs who pour into Pakistan to observe their religious rites at Nankana Sahab, Panja Sahab and Gurdawara Darbar Sahab near Norowal from all over the world,” the PIL Chairman said.

He added that this has to be a mistake not to include separate column for Sikh community of Pakistan need to be rectified immediately. “This mistake has created a sense of deprivation and neglect among this important minority community of Pakistan and will draw negative impact from the world as this could also be translated into discrimination against the Sikh community in Pakistan,” the PIL chairman said.

Sajid Ishaq, who was also a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) also wrote to the PTI Chairman Imran Khan to extend support to the Sikh community on this important issue.

“I am sure that you are already aware of the fact that Sikhs have been omitted from the Census Form which is a grave error on part of the government. On behalf of religious minorities, especially the Sikh community, I would like to request you to kindly take up this matter in the Parliament and extend support to them at other relevant forums,” said Sajid Ishaq.

Meanwhile, the PIL chairman said that he had all the faith and confidence that the Supreme Court, which has been approached by the Sikh community for rectification of this mistake in the Census Form, will provide them immediate relief in this matter.

He said that the PIL stands shoulder to shoulder with the Sikh community of Pakistan in this matter and will extend all out support to them at all forums.