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Who is the culprit?


March 4, 2017

The world is in turmoil and rapidly changing. The old era of peace has ended a long time ago. To deal with the issues and problems of today old ways will not do. The balance of power is fast shifting from the organized centres to the unruly, wild, monstrous and devilish forces of evil. The devils of terror are spreading fast in multiple directions. The monsters are challenging the peace full world order. The civilized world is under siege.

What are the root causes and who is supporting the evil empire? The world must realize that there are terrible weapons available in abundance. But who is really sponsoring all this? It is a call for awakening. It is a lot easier to start a trouble, support it and finance it with special agenda in mind but it must be remembered that the “Satan” gets out of hand even before one realizes. The war in Vietnam, invasions on Iraq, Afghanistan and the foreign triggered upheavals in Tunis, Libya and Egypt offer unique examples for case studies. We may find some answer.

The developing nations need to be even more concerned and vigilant. Countries like Pakistan unfortunately have hostile neighbours who are continuously engaged in their malicious campaign, interference in others internal affairs, sabotage and terrorism against Pakistan. These neighbours themselves have toiling masses, poor and hungry, some extremely fanatics committing all sorts of atrocities and heinous crimes against their own country’s population belonging to different religions, creed or cast. The demagogues in these neighbours, some of whom are self proclaimed terrorists, can easily mislead their electorate by mastery of hatred and get elected to high office in their country. Such monsters need to be watched very carefully because their nefarious plans and activities can cause havoc in the world. 

Countries like Pakistan are faced with the dilemma of external interference in their internal affairs while there are internal pressures of increasing population, poverty and deprivation. The situation worsens when such countries have to confront the menace of ruthless terrorism inflicted not only by the remnants of Afghan war but also partially initiated and sponsored by its neighbours. We have our limitations and our friends, the world over, need to appreciate our difficulties. Every day suffering due to acts of terrorism may be simply because of our mistake of getting involved in the so called war against terrorism, as at that time there were no terrorists but only freedom fighters, are known to the world. Now the barbarians have started killing our school and university going children. Some foreign sponsors of terrorism in our country have openly confessed to be terrorists themselves. Their own hands are stained with the blood of innocent Muslims during carnage in Gujrat and Kashmir. In their own country, undoubtedly the most fanatic and intolerant, religious distorts are committing heinous crimes against not only minorities like Sikhs, Muslims and Christians but also their own Patels. They are a potent and constant danger for humanity. The Western world must be careful. The folded hands actually show knives in the arm pits. 

The 9/11 attacks on the sovereignty of the only Super Power changed the whole world. The devils and monsters had stuck the innocent souls from around the world working in the Trade Towers. In addition to the loss of precious human lives the emerging sanity was the biggest loser.

Then the monsters again recently struck innocent people in Paris and Brussels. The anger and calls for revenge, though well founded and fully justified, were one side of the picture only. The world leaders were quick to say that it was,” KILLING OF HUMANITY.” How true but, alas, the world leaders were aware that the Holy Quran 1400 years ago has said,” Killing of one innocent person is tantamount to killing of whole humanity.” It needs to be realized that the blood of all human beings has the same colour. Had the world remembered the cruelties and carnage meted out to the people of Bosnia, the killing of hundreds of thousands Iraqis in search of so called weapons of mass destruction, the carnage in Gujrat India , Kashmir and most recently the mass killing of innocents in Myanmar things could have been very different. Where was the world conscious when these atrocities were being committed? Unless the world leaders rise above their self interest humanity will continue to suffer till its total extinction. Any act of cruelty deserves the same level of response and condemnation. Selective justice cannot be in vogue any more.

Time has come when the whole of the civilized world, without questioning who is really civilized, irrespective of religion, caste, creed and colour will have to ponder seriously and direct their steps, with unparallel unity, to defeat the monsters without favour and fear. We have many a time and are continuously witnessing all efforts, worldwide, for the destruction of the terrorists and elimination of terrorism through military might but the menace is on the increase. The trillions of dollars and massive war machinery seem to have made no impact. May be the world leaders should get together and ponder to first find out the causes of terrorism, the factors that induce innocent young people, most of them between the ages of 16-24 or newly converts to Islam in the Western world, to be exploited by the barbarians. These youngsters and newly converts who are hardly aware of true teachings of Islam are the innocent targets as they can be mislead easily. The world needs to first properly analyze the problem and then evolve a practical strategy and plan to tackle the menace of terrorism. 20 million bombing attacks in Vietnam, killing of hundreds and thousands in Afghanistan and Iraq, with the war machinery of all the world powers put together and supported by trillions of dollars have only increased not decreased the level of terrorism. Let it be known that when children and innocent men and woman are killed indiscriminately by the powerful war machinery the survivors are no body’s friends. They are bitter and will seek the revenge only. There is lot of food for thought. A terrorist has no religion. Let not the religious bias overpower the realization of real problems. By blaming over one billion Muslims and their religion which is an embodiment of love, peace and brotherhood because of the deeds of a handful of disgruntled individuals who may have lost their loves ones as a result of the fire power of the powerful will lead us no where except more revengeful violence

The world has been close to wars before and many wars have been fought but in all such cases, sooner than later, sanity and collective wisdom prevailed and humanity was saved from total annihilation. But now humanity which had survived all previous threats to its existence has taken to his mortal hands the power to exterminate the entire species many times over.

The time has come for soul searching, finding the truth and identifying the culprits who are sponsoring the devils for whatever reasons. ISI S has no factories for manufacture of weapons of destruction. They do not own and operate business empires which give them needed funds. Who is financing them? They are oceans of ignorance and easy tool for the manipulators. The world will have to find those resourceful devils who are bent upon destroying this world of ours. For our existence we will have to demolish and destroy these enemies of humanity. 

Let it be known loud and clear: Great enterprises are only achieved by adventurous spirits. They who calculate with too great nicety every difficulty and obstacle which is likely to lie in their way, lose that time in hesitation, which the more daring seize and render valuable service to the loftiest purpose. Pakistan is ready, willing and able to give the necessary helping hand to the world for a peaceful, prosperous and happy existence.